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Real AI for Help Desks

Enhancing your Help Desk Productivity with Tribu

Reduce wasted time

Integrating channels for streamlined ticketing

Tribu will give you the ability to manage tickets all within one platform. We remove the need to constantly context switch by bringing Halo’s ticketing management and creation into your communication platform. With less context switching, your staff will reduce the amount of time they spend on ticket administration.


Quicker user management

Improving your helpdesk’s productivity

Tribu will improve technician productivity with its smart notification system. With Tribu, your team will be given smart notifications that keep technicians on top of idle tickets and overdue SLAs. Using these smart reminders will grant technicians the ability to focus and complete tickets quicker.

Reduce wasted time

Accelerating ticket processing with Artificial Intelligence

Tribu will transform your helpdesk by using AI to automate ticketing processes for efficient workload management. Tribu’s AI will automatically classify and categorize all incoming tickets to reduce the amount of time your techs spend on ticket administration. In addition to this, after tickets have been routed, Tribu will use its AI to assign the most important tickets to techs based on the MSP ticketing goals. 


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What They're Saying


Here at ITech Solutions, we were able to increase efficiency by 50% through Tribu’s ability to reduce context switching and improve ticket navigation.

Brian Weiss
CEO | ITech Solutions

Tribu has been the “best and most lucrative purchase” in recent years for Hilgert De. In general, I no longer want to do without Tribu, because its tools offer me exactly the simple solution I have always been looking for.

Thomas Hilgert
CEO | Hilgert De
Patrick Lenz

Tribu is an investment for the future of help desks. They have a vision of how a service desk should function and can implement this vision with the help of technology. Topmedia see Tribu helping us achieve set goals.

Patrick Lenz
CTO | Topmedia
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