Accelerating ticket management with Artificial Intelligence

Transforming your helpdesk processes through automating classification, communication and workload management.

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Real AI for Helpdesks

AI that classifies your helpdesk tickets

Using Machine Learning, our custom Classifier will automatically predict ticket classifications as they come in so your workflows can start straight away. The Tribu Classifier learns your issue and sub-issue labels to automatically update new tickets as they arrive. Techs no longer need to review and assess every new ticket to get the first step started avoiding human errors. 

Creating the new standard

Prioritizing your technician's workload using Artificial Intelligence

Traditionally technicians looked at queues and ticket lists to try and prioritize workload on a day to day basis. With our Automated Workload Prioritization feature, we are able to fully automate this process using the power of Machine Learning. Our AI will look at the status of the ticket, time created, idle time, priority and more to determine the next two tickets your engineer should be working on, no more cherry-picking!

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Our Features

Why Tribu AI?

Decreased Admin Time

Tribu uses AI to decrease administration time, allowing you to save essential billable hours

Managable Workloads

Tribu's Machine Learning works to ensure technicians are distributed workloads effectively

Intelligent Commands

Tribu uses Natural Language Processing to simplify communication with your customers.

Custom Framework

Our framework model is customisable and is now ready to integrate with our partner ticketing systems

Your step towards success

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With this you can:
  • Create an AI Model specific to your helpdesk and terminology
  • Apply issue and sub-issue predictions to all new incoming tickets automatically
  • Trigger your workflows automatically from those predictions for immediate, hands-off action to new tickets
  • Improving overall service delivery through faster responses to requests and improved ticket management